DDD8 - Post Event

Published on 2010-1-31


That was a wonderful day, and the sessions I ended up going to were:

The last session was interrupted constantly by the MVPs and associated crowd because Barry is leaving the UK and heading off to MS to learn how to spell :)

There isn't much specifically to talk about really, it's been said by everybody. The event was well organised, the post-event meal was also surprisingly kept in control and the post-event drinks ... well I'd had no sleep the previous night so I left early. I believe fun was had by all however.

My talk? I think it went okay - I was a bit nervous presenting on a subject that doesn't get talked about openly all that much, and worried the audience might throw a few massive spanners in the works (although I am open to change, I don't want to be told outright I'm wrong in the middle of a talk!)

I spoke a bit fast, and had a minor emergency at the start when realising I needed an adapter for my laptop, but was saved by the team whose job it was to babysit me and massive thanks goes to them for saving my presentation :)

My slides can be found here, and demo code can be found here.

The nerd dinner multi-tenant example can be found on the MvcEx codeplex site (http://mvcex.codeplex.com) - but I'll be hoping to improve it beyond its "suitable for demo" stage and do some blog entries on the rationale behind some of the decisions/concepts found within over the coming weeks.

 It's not perfect, it's not anywhere near done and as I keep telling people, it's just for reference purposes (at present), feel free to make suggestions, contributions and etc and we'll get there in the end. Multi-tenancy is the future you know?

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