RavenDB - Image Gallery Project (I)

Published on 2010-9-27

With a work project slowly drawing to a close I’m beginning to get a bit of “free” time in my evenings, and I’ve had a few complaints that with the rapid advancement of RavenDB my previous blog entries are now dated and unhelpful as anything other than a rough guide as to how RavenDB actually functions.

Let us rectify this.

Found on Github at the following location: http://github.com/robashton/RavenGallery/ is a new project that is going to be written using ASP.NET MVC2 and RavenDB. Over the coming entries we’ll go through the features of RavenDB one by one, starting with the basics using the technology that has the lowest entry level, and then moving into more advanced topics whilst revisiting  the older pieces of functionality to spruce them up with the knowledge that we’ve gained as we go through.

What this will be

This will be a project written for the sole purpose of demonstrating how to use RavenDB and how to write testable code against RavenDB – this will be demonstrated by utilising some basic TDD principles in order to drive the code surrounding the RavenDB infrastructure and usage.

What this will not be (a disclaimer)

Rather than clutter up the project with code wizardry I am not going to be practising TDD on peripheral code such as validators, controllers (except where RavenDB is concerned), model binders, file handling etc.  I am not going to be talking about those things unless they directly or indirectly impact on the actual subject of RavenDB usage.

Anyway, the next entry in this series is about setting up the project and some gotchas that should be watched out for when doing so.

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