RavenDB - Image Gallery Project (III) - The Application Lifecycle

Published on 2010-9-29

The code for this and all other entries can be found here: http://github.com/robashton/RavenGallery/ 

As discussed in the previous entry, I have decided to host RavenDB within the application itself, this is a decision that lends itself very easily to the early stages of a development project against RavenDB, as there is no need to remember to run RavenDB before running the application, and it is a decision that providing you write your code properly can be changed later on in development when it becomes useful to have RavenDB running on another server or just as a separate process.

Before writing any code, we have to understand the basic components at play when communicating with RavenDB.

On start-up

So, on start-up we need to create a document store and make that available for creating document sessions when necessary (and maybe other purposes).

This is what I’ve come up with:



   1:   public static class Bootstrapper
   2:      {
   3:          public static void Startup()
   4:          {
   5:              var documentStore = new EmbeddableDocumentStore
   6:              {
   7:                  Configuration = new RavenConfiguration
   8:                  {
   9:                      DataDirectory = "App_Data\\RavenDB",
  10:                  }
  11:              };
  12:              documentStore.Initialize();
  14:              ObjectFactory.Initialize(config =>
  15:              {
  16:                  config.AddRegistry(new CoreRegistry(documentStore));
  17:              });
  18:          }
  19:      }

This is invoked from Global.asax.cs via Application_Start – we create the DocumentStore and pass it into a StructureMap registry which then sets up the container. If I wanted to switch to a different mechanism for dealing with RavenDB I could change it here and the rest of my application wouldn’t be any the wiser. I could even load the settings from a file here, but I’m not going to – so there.

Inside CoreRegistry.cs we have

   1:      public class CoreRegistry : Registry
   2:      {
   3:          public CoreRegistry(IDocumentStore documentStore)
   4:          {
   5:              For<IDocumentStore>().Use(documentStore);
   6:          }
   7:      }
There we go, anything that requests IDocumentStore will be given documentStore

Per request
Until we find a reason not to, we will create RavenDB sessions per request and secretly store them in the HttpContext.Items collection so they can be used through-out the rest of the request, of course we’ll use StructureMap to manage that for us.
CoreRegistry.cs now looks like this:

   1:  public CoreRegistry(IDocumentStore documentStore)
   2:   {
   3:    For<IDocumentStore>().Use(documentStore);
   4:    For<IDocumentSession>()
   5:       .HttpContextScoped()
   6:        .Use(x =>
   7:            {
   8:                var store = x.GetInstance<IDocumentStore>();
   9:                return store.OpenSession();
  10:            });
  11:  }

Of course this is leaking sessions because StructureMap won’t dispose of any of our created sessions unless we tell it to, so into Global.asax.cs I go once more and add the following line:

   1:          protected void Application_EndRequest()
   2:          {
   3:              ObjectFactory.ReleaseAndDisposeAllHttpScopedObjects();
   4:          }

This will do for now, I could have done this using a HttpModule or whatever I preferred, but that gets the concepts across.
In the next entry I’ll give a refresh on how documents are created/modified/queried in order to lay the groundwork for the structure of the rest of the application.

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There we go, anything that requests IDocumentStorewill be given documentStorea little correction

Rob Ashton

And I was doing so well up to this point :-)


Great...I am running RavenDB in Shared hosting where i have only Medium trust...due to this i am getting security error. is there any way i can run the RavenDB in Shared hosting where i have only Medium trust


You should be able to run it embedded using Managed Storage mode