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Published on 2011-6-30

At NDC2011 I was chatting to some folk who work on various OSS projects about cool things we could potentially work on in the future, and the topic of a Silverlight -> Web converter came up

TLDR: Click here to see the demos, click here to see the code, click here to view the Google Group.

I had thought about this before, but it is only recently that an IL converter appeared up that I deemed fit for this purpose (JSIL), and it is after this conversation I decided to put words into action

To this end, I have spent the past few weeks diving into the various concepts in Silverlight and spiking out implementations for converting them to make sure that the vast majority of what I wanted was actually possible

And that leads us to this,, home to where I've gotten so far, with a couple of demos showing off what it can do. More to be added as we go along.

Truth be told I'm largely doing this for fun and education at the minute, although I know a few people who actually want to use it - not to convert legacy projects, but to write new code in their familiar Silverlight world and have it work in a browser without requiring a plug-in.

I'm happy to support that, but it should be a community effort, rather than me blindly just working on features for the sake of it (although I have a little more of that left in me before I start taking on feature requests!)

So far the following has been implemented

On my immediate road-map (so in the coming week), I'll be working on:

I would totally appreciate some help/feedback/pointers for the direction of the project/cheering from the sidelines etc

The last one is important actually, if y'all tell me you find this interesting then I'll carry on working on it, if nobody gives a crap then when I get bored I'll stop :-)

But yeah, just joining the Google Group and helping me build a road-map would be a good start

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