Building an OData parser in OMeta

Published on 2013-4-4

Now I've got myself up to speed in OMeta (which took me an embarassingly difficult couple of days!), I can begin work on a "programming task" for the rest of my stay at Rulemotion's office in Athens.

First off, the context

Rulemotion is doing some pretty cool stuff with SBVR relating to Model First Development. It goes a little bit like this:

It's a little more than that, but the discussion of "what the products are" would take a few blog posts in themselves and the task of going over this topic is more related to the other half of my job whilst here at Rulemotion (plus, I'm neither employed or qualified to write marketing materials!).

What I can say is that the general trend at Rulemotion seems to be "Use OMeta for parsing things", and in doing this they automatically get a lot of things for free (chiefly, the editor that they're using/creating for supporting development gets its auto-completion and highlighting from OMeta, which is pretty super.)

What we actually have at the moment is a situation that has evolved like so:

There is also hope to open source the OData parser too, which is also super cool.

Where do I come in?

It is going to start being annoying building up a pile of OData parsing code that is coupled to the underlying model, so I'm going to give writing the OData parser a go, and at least try to reach feature parity with what they have now (I can re-use quite a lot of the code).

There is a little bit of discussion based around a semi-facetious remark I made about using OMeta to parse the ABNF for OData into OMeta, but while this would provide a more "complete" solution, would still involve having to write the semantic output code and might not necessarily be the best use of time given they only need a subset of OData.

So I've decided to give writing an OData parser a go over the weekend and see how far I get, I'll be holidaying it up on a Greek island off the coast of Athens and applying Mojito Driven Development so I make no promises about productivity...

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