Creating a projection per stream in the EventStore

Published on 2013-5-1

Now I have a stream per pony, I want to create a projection per pony, but how do we do this?

Well, so far we've seen these two methods to get the events for our projection

Well, now is the time to introduct another method we have at our disposal

Well, what on earth IS a category? Turns out that the EventStore is quite clever and one of the default projections is hard at work looking at streams and categorising them.

I called my streams pony-PONYNAME for good reason, because this default projection will have gone "Hey, there is a dash in that stream, I'm going to create a category called pony, and each entry in that category is going to be a PONYNAME"

That leaves us with

    "$init": function(state, ev) {
      return { count: 0 }
    "PonyJumped": function(state, ev) {

For each stream in the category "pony", please run this projection code!

Reading back the state

We can now look at the state per pony by visiting the /state and passing in the partition we care about in the query string


  count: 2000


  count: 300


  count: 10


It's at this point, people usually ask "How about giving me a list of ponies so I can look up the state for each of them", this is not what you use the EventStore for.

The list of ponies is something that should exist in your domain and be stored in a database (whether this be a document or relational database), and then used to look up values in the event store.

This could either be a fixed list in one of those stores, or you could run through the streams in the EventStore and build up that list as a read model in that external store. This is the only time I'm going to mention this in this series :)

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