I'm leaving .NET

Published on 2013-5-23


Although technically I am now a full-time whatever programmer at a start-up in London, writing all of the features in JavaScripts and inserting Cucumbers into my Rubies I'm not leaving anything per se but I'm probably not going to be doing many talks or blog posts for that ecosystem for the time being. (I haven't actually written any C# in months apart from a week or two at various clients, and the only time I've booted up my Windows laptop for any other reason than that in the past year is to play Diablo III which is an awful game by the way)


I'm actually writing this post to apologise to anybody who hoped to see me at any of the conferences I'm supposed to be speaking at over the next few months as I have cancelled these engagements.

I am devoting myself to a start-up, dropping my glamorous consulting and contracting lifestyle, ceasing my constant travel schedule and going to spend the majority of my time in London from now on (becoming UK resident once more, paying UK tax and renting an apartment here). I'll stop being able to reach into the infinite buckets of cash handed over in exchange for fractions of my immortal soul but hopefully I'm going to be a part of something pretty big and exciting.

The start-up life

I'm not going to write about who the start-up is here on my blog as the site is going a re-design at the moment; although folk who know me already know and it's not a secret. I'm pretty enthused about what they are doing and believe it not only has a reasonable chance of success, but is being led by people who have a good idea of what they want to do with it and what they want to get out of it.

My role? Undefined, I'm going to be writing code (and I have been writing code for the past couple of weeks for them), and looking to take more ownership of the codebase as we onboard new clients and encounter challenges come as a part of that.

This is the kind of stuff I'm good at, writing code and delivering software and it's a genuine pleasure to be in a job where this is what is expected of me rather than hours of bullshit meetings and endless hand waving.

I'm a bit scared about staying in one place for more than a few weeks, as I've not done that for a while but this should be the start of a rather awesome adventure and I look forward to working out how to enjoy London as a tax paying resident.

Woop woop.

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