Playing with the EventStore

Published on 2013-4-25

I pulled the EventStore out a while ago to play with, with the intention of making a cool Github InfoGraph type thing, it never quite materialised thanks to the rate limits imposed by Github, and then other stuff came up (like I've got a game engine I'm working on and I want to blog about!)

That said, I had some downtime this week in between engagements and decided to bring it up again and blog about some of the things I did with it and some of the questions we're able to ask with the projections feature (which is hitting a point of maturity now which it didn't have before).

Anyway, setting up the EventStore on my Debian install sorta looked like this

Coolio, so we'll assume that this is running throughout my little experiment and that I can access it on

Browsing to that URL, we can see a veritable playground of shinies, the most important for me are

Popping into the "See all Streams", we can see a big pile of json, what's cool about this is

Basically, it's AtomPub, and AtomPub is used across the EventStore for interactions - which means no faffing around with custom formats or any of the crap associated with a lot of proprietary systems.

Anwyay, I haven't currently got any info in my event store so I guess I'll look at that next...

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