Professionalism and TDD in the future

Published on 2014-5-1

Another response to another Uncle Bob Blog Entry

On the side of the fence where we value correctness - writing code that tests other code in languages that require lots of code is going out of fashion.

Instead, we're seeing an (re-)emergence of languages that encourage thinking, design, proofs, working out, correctness.

In these languages, we are assured that once we've put the up-front effort in to get to grips with them (I'm working on it) that our code will largely be bug free, easy to reason about, concise. They offer us rapid feedback after changes are made and encourage the thought/discussion about intent without a massive expenditure of keyboard strokes.

That's the way we're going. In the future professionalism might be associated with TDD, but more likely we'll look on TDD as a phase that got us past the dark years of languages that needed it. If you are relying on TDD to keep you relevant in the coming years then you are going to be disappointed.

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