Ruby on Rails and the Phantom Menace

Published on 2013-6-25

Remember when Star Wars came out? No - me neither, it was before my time but I watched it on the TV as I grew up never really knowing what a big deal it was to some people or why.

Then George Lucas announced he was going to make NEW STAR WARS, and everybody got excited - including people who hadn't really been that into it to begin with. We traipsed down to the cinema in droves to find out that in place of the epic star wars action we expected, we got Jar Jar Binks.

That's how I feel now

I've been on that .NET platform thing for a while now, although I've been writing JS for a long time and my heart has never really left the world of C and C++ I can definitely be considered as one of those people who cast an eye on the promised land of Ruby on Rails acknowledging that it was apparently very good but things were fine without it thankyou very much.

Only now I'm doing Ruby on Rails, and I've missed the first few iterations and the software I've found myself using is the programming equivalant of Jar Jar sodding binks.


This was going to be a rant, but I got distracted by building stuff and never finished the entry. Oh well - I kinda like it like this.

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