WebGl Pong is alive

Published on 2011-3-18

I've spent the few spare hours I had going this week to get the different states sorted out that the game could be in, allowing it to be used as a game instead of just a local tech exercise.

It can be found at http://robashton.no.de if you want to give it a go, because Websockets are disabled in most browsers for the moment you'll probably need flash installed for the network stuff (sorry, nothing I can do about that).


If you want to give it a whirl, I suggest you link it to a friend, as the site won't get enough traffic to make it worth waiting around for a random to turn up

The network code is a bit... inelegant, and that's one of the exercises for this weekend (doing it more 'proper').

The source for anybody interested in how it's been put together can be found on Github, although having made a beeline from 'okay code' to 'okay code with lots of crap bits' in order to 'ship', it's not a shining example of best practise.

I do so like finishing projects, although I wouldn't call this the end, next up is writing some better shaders, adding a particle system, switching back to a perspective projection matrix (so, putting the 3D back in), and probably adding a few little features that will make it more 'fun'.

Once I've exhausted all the learning opportunities Pong can give me (Amazing how something so simple can give so much), then I'll move onto the next WebGl project, using everything learned so far.

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