What does it look like when I code

Published on 2011-12-20

Something like this

This is a time-lapse of me creating a game over 48 hours (a weekend), overall there is about 30 hours of screen-time packed into 3 minutes of video - it's cool to see how the game and code progress over those 30 hours.

What is interesting is how I always have the social elements open in a browser window on my left hand side, I'd never noticed it before - I don't think it slowed me down any - the pauses where I wasn't coding I was up making coffee or thinking about a problem

Still, it would be interesting to see how I'd get on without it if I was doing another of these - the next rendition of the competition is next March and I think I'll be doubling my efforts to create something cool - I might even go as far as to do a 3D effort in WebGL

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