Nice things people have said about me

I hope I never have to read your code.

Anon 2014

unfaltering arrogance

Matt Fletcher 2014

What is more surprising is how and why would anyone hire you

Anonymous 2014

You have troubles understanding basic design patterns of reusable components.

Anonymous 2014

You kinda answered your own 'why not hire me' questionn

Hambone 2014

I loved your 'Hire Me' link on the top of the page. Hire you? After reading this piece of juvenile, self-centered, ignorant, self-important bullshit? I don't think so. When you grow up you might understand that real software is built by people of many different tribes, working together. Not some neat little cabal that you seem so scared to venture out from. Did diddums take away all your nice toys? Please. Join the real world.

Paul Bennet 2014

I think Rob Ashton is just rebelling against people who did get a computer science degree.

Edwin Martin 2014

this guy will code the shit out of all of your shit and that is a scientific fact

paul barrett 2013

Typical cowboy bullshit

crimson_chin (2013)

Blunt. Pain in the ass

hhariri (2013)

Isn't it nice when you're the centre of your universe

disqus505 (2013)

opinionated, abrasive, theatrical, full of bluster

ijrussel (2013)

I feel I've lost you somewhere...". yeah, just after you said "hello, my name is Rob"

Gary Short (2012)

noise/rant to substance ratio is sadly too high

anonymous (2011)

Shockingly bad. presenting style like Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons on crack.

anonymous (2011)

I love you Robert, cheer up

anonymous (2011)