Evented github adventure - database storage and backing up

Published on 2013-5-7

If you're joing us after the bank holiday weekend in the UK, then we're on the Event Store and looking at Github data.

I actually wrote all of these blog entries several months ago, and then queued them up because I wanted to get some real data before running my projections.

Problem: I ran the events into the store on my EC2 "small" instance and now have 25gb of data sat there to run projections over.

I can't actually run my projections on that much data on that small instance without either waiting for a bazillion years or taking everthing else down on that box.

I quickly realise that I'm not going to be able to push the next blog post out on time either way, and decide to write this post and have a look at what I need to do to move my data onto a new EC2 machine.

Step 1: Create an AMI of the current EC2 instance

Step 2: Create an xlarge instance from this AMI

Step 3: Log in and give this instance access to the old instance

Step 4: Get that data onto the new machine

This is interesting, if you look in the folder I pointed the EventStore at to store its information it looks like this:

Apparently all I have to do is copy this folder over and I do this with SCP like so

And then I'm able to run the already-built event store because that came with the AMI I made. Everything works great and I celebrate.

Step 5: Wait

There may be some gaps in my blog entries from this point on as I run the projections over the events to get the results, there is a lot of data and patience is required...

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