Recursive expression parsing in our OData filter parser

Published on 2013-4-15

A quick re-cap of where we are so far in our OData OMeta Adventure.


Never thought I'd be writing this much about OMeta, but I've taken quite the shine to it.

I did basic expressions, but actually expressions can be made up of other expressions so I may as well bite that bullet and get on with it.

Let's look at what we might expect if we use 'and'

test("/some/resource?$filter=Price gt 5 and Price lt 10", "OData", function(result) {
  it("A filter should be present", function() {
     assert.notEqual(result.options.$filterby, null)
  it("Filter should be an instance of 'and'", function() {
     assert.equal(result.options.$filterby[0], "and")

  it("Left hand side should be Price gt 5", function() {
     var lhs = result.options.$filterby[1] 
     assert.equal(lhs[0], "gt")
     assert.equal(lhs[1].name, "Price")
     assert.equal(lhs[2], 5)

  it("Right hand side should be less than 10", function() {
     var rs = result.options.$filterby[2] 
     assert.equal(rhs[0], "lt")
     assert.equal(rhs[1].name, "Price")
     assert.equal(rhs[2], 10)

We have a tree that looks like

[ 'and', 
  [ 'gt', 'Price', 5 ],
  [ 'lt', 'Price', 10]

Our next step can walk this tree and generate SQL or something similar very easily.

How do we generate such a thing?

Well, 'and' is an operator with the lowest precedence (well, the same as 'or'), and therefore we want it to be first in the tree (it makes senseif you think about it!).

The leaves should be the nodes with the highest precedence because we'll get their results first and them go up to the root node.

This suggests we need to cascade through the preferable options until we find something we like:

There is quite a wall here, so let's break it down

  FilterByOption = 
    FilterByExpression:expr -> { name: "$filterby", value: expr }

When we find $filterby, then parse the expression

  FilterByExpression =

The first thing we want to find is an 'and' expression

  FilterAndExpression =
    FilterLogicalExpression:rhs -> [ op, lhs, rhs ]
  | FilterLogicalExpression

try and find more AndExpressions

Else, let the right hand side be the next preferable thing (a plain old logical expression)

Else, just try to find a logical expression

  FilterLogicalExpression =
    FilterByValue:rhs -> [ op, lhs, rhs ]
  | FilterByValue

Try to find more LogicalExpressions

Else, let the right hand side be the next preferable thing (a plain old value)

Else fall back to finding a value

  FilterAndOperand =
    | seq("or")
    spaces -> op

And/or have the same precedence

  FilterByOperand =
    | seq("ne")
    | seq("gt")
    | seq("ge")
    | seq("lt")
    | seq("le")
    spaces -> op

These are unchanged

  FilterByValue = 
  | QuotedText
  | PropertyPath

As are these

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